Galactic Traffic

Dash through the messy traffic in Galactic Traffic - the Gogy online game that is exclusively for the fans of driving and racing themes. If you are a good driver who can work the magic while being under the pressure of crowded traffics and obstacles, you will be the ace of this game. Online games will definitely bring more fun and a ton of enjoyable moments for kids!

The players will try to drive through one of the most crowded streets and manage the difficult traffic on a futuristic racing track. Keep in mind that one of your important tasks is to collect cash and powerups. The more you can gather, the higher your chance to finish all the possible tracks. Moreover, there are chances of discovering tons of new races or roads that require breakneck speed.

Bonuses are your friends in this game as they help with upgrading and becoming better-equipped. As you dash through the futuristic tracks, learn when to speed up and when to slow down. When there are lines of amounts of cash showing up on one lane, you will need to drift to that lane and grab them. Speed up when the road is clear so that you can hit more checkpoints faster. There are many slots on the Leaderboard for the newly emerging talents, will you be able to write your name on it?

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Instruction to play:

How to play: Turn left, right, speed up using the left, right, and up arrow keys.