In the world of, only the strongest beetles can maintain inside the circle. It's another io game where you can enjoy the fun without any cost or any hassle. This Gogy only game has the total elements of passion, skill, and joy of victory that players of all ages can emerge themselves in. The best battle with many players online is just a finger away!

The moment you enter the game, you will be allowed to pick the character's color. You can choose solid and vibrant colors from our wide range of selections, or be bold and unique with ombre and new color combination. The main goal is to move around a single circle arena while trying to strike the enemies down to the water. The power of each beetle is almost the same, therefore, only with great technique and smart moves can you win over these real-time players at

Some movements that you can control are rotating, attacking and making your little bub stronger with bonuses. A tip for you is that choosing only one target will increase the chance of succeeding as you only have to attack that character. If there are more than two beetles aiming at you, be wise and flee the position to protect yourself. The longer you manage to stay on the circle board, the more energy you can get.

Don't trail off the main arena and keep focus! It's all about the endurance and consistency to win this game! Furthermore, we have plenty of other choices for kids such as and as well. 

Instruction to play:

Hold and drag the mouse cursor to move the beetle.