Funny Shopping Supermarket

In this Hippo supermarket in Funny Shopping Supermarket free game, you will get the chance to support the daily operation of a new market. Let's support the customers and help them in the work of finding all products that are listed on their shopping list. Each customer enters this shop in Gogy land at a different time, so you should pay attention to care for them as soon as they step foot into your supermarket!

Get them in line and at the front desk so that you can get to know what the customers are asking for. Once you know it, make sure that you put him or her on the right aisle of goods that the customer asked for. Here comes the tricky part of collecting the perfect number or amount of goods that they request. It's your job to pick and put them in their grocery bags, but it will not be just simply picking the goods.

For example, in the fruit section, the fruit lines up randomly and the bag moves from left to right all the time. This means that you need to estimate the timing to drop the fruits into the bags perfectly. Once you finish helping the customer, he or she will move to the cashier to pay. Keep track of the money and start collecting all the cash before they leave the store!

Let's discover the varieties of products that are sold in this game at, ranging from vegetables, tools, candies, clothes, fruits, to fresh meat. Let's find out what achievements and records you can unlock in this game without failing any customer's request! We provide a wide range of genres for free gaming, don't forget to make your pick in the list of games like  WWII Air Battle or Solar System!

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Click and drag to interact in this game.