Autocross Madness

Autocross Madness is a new combination of racing games and puzzle games with more than one main theme, which might not be ordinary for the players here at Gogy's new game. Take advantage of any skills that you find useful and conquer the different levels of this game. In this gaming option, there are multiple levels, each with its separate story and requirement to pass.

Your job is to help the players break through each level regardless of their difficulty level or range. Don't worry if you haven't tried out this type of game before. We provide a detailed in-game tutorial that can help you understand how merging and racing work here. Use your boosters flexibly as it can be helpful for breaking through the level faster. Once you start the challenge, observe the game board to see how many merging balls there are.

Start merging the given balls as they have numbers written on them. Do your best to merge balls with different numbers and sum up to create a new one. Use your mathematical knowledge and fast calculation to manipulate the number as you wish. Will you be able to constantly form new numbers and harvest the highest record available? After the merging, start hitting the racing part with a 3D realistic setting and amazing graphic design.

You can enjoy the highest definition of gaming with the best experience when it comes to racing. Restore the racing skill set and increase your precision in controlling a vehicle in the middle of the battlefield! There are lots of fun minigames that you can freely explore and share with close friends or family while tapping on more new games like Biker Battle 3D from!


Instruction to play:

Use the mouse cursor to control and interact with the items.