Hatching Nursery

It takes time for these huge mysterious eggs from Hatching Nursery to hatch, but the result will be quite a surprise! Each egg will contain the birth of one adorable and amazing baby creature which you will be taking care of. Enjoy the lovely spirit of care in this Gogy girl game where you get to shower them with love, feed them, and help them grow. Let's start preparing all the food and performing on their demand!

The first task is to constantly click on the egg to break the shell and release the mysterious creature! Your surprise might be an adorable chicken, a cat, or so on. Once they are out, start getting the food and taking care of their needs. Could you search the place and see where you can get the food for them?

The food will be given as a reward for winning mini-games, which means that you need to complete missions to gain them. Feel free to start with the smaller mission first before hopping into bigger ones. Don't worry as these missions shall change from easy to hard, with more and more rewards to come. Are you ready to take the turns and care for these cute animals one by one?

There are plenty of ways you can entertain the pets here, and make sure to help them fully grow! If this adorable game theme is your favorite, why don't you take on another journey with another equally cute game of Funny Angela Haircut from our free game list at https://gogy.games/? Joyful moments are precious, and it's time to spread the spirit around this lovely nursery! These cute animals are waiting for you to join and help them out for sure! 


Instruction to play:

Tap on the screen using tablet or play with your mouse cursor.