Home Makeover Hidden Object

Would you like to join Emma in the task of restoring the antique house of her grandparents? Let' start hitting the tetralogy of Home Makeover Hidden Object - a new Gogy free game for the fans of antiques and classic items for home decoration. She needs an assistant to help her with the work of fixing things, redecorating, and taking a break from the city.

The goal is to search for the items that the client requests, all of which are scattered somewhere around the place. After spotting them, sell these for money so that you can have some resources to purchase new ones and decorate the house as you wish. There's the appearance of an item called Old Stamp, which will lie around in the attic, hidden storage, and other secret places. However, there will be an old guest room that needs extra attention, so be careful as you approach it. This will be a jam-packed adventure throughout the different rooms and secrets of the house!

First, clean the cobwebs to make a cleanroom in the preparation steps. After it's all cleaned up, feel free to add new paint colors, dazzling wallpaper, repaint the dark spots and go ahead with exchanging new furniture and such. Keep an eye on the best modern pieces that will suit the theme of the house from our store. Will you be able to arrange the pieces for each room and return the house to its glory state? The old furniture is at your disposal, therefore, feel free to sell them off in the garage sale as this can get you some cash to add new fixtures and brand new furniture.

Find the objects and test your management skills in more puzzle games such as Pawn Boss from http://gogy.games/! Controls: Use the mouse to choose and interact with the items.

Instruction to play: