Box Size

Getting the correct box size to fit into the gaps of the bridge here in the game Box Size from Gogy land will be quite a challenge due to the sensor of the bridge. One centimeter gap will make or break your record, therefore, do your best to guess the most accurate size! This is an interactive game with an arcade feature to keep it exciting and dynamic. The kids will participate in plenty of levels available in the game.

The rules and goal remain unchanged, which is to fit the box into the gap and connect the bridge. All you need to do is hold the mouse cursor to expand the box size. Keep in mind that you need to release the button when it reaches the desired size. Keep in mind that a box that is bigger than the gap won't be able to fill in, and a smaller one will slip through.

This means that only by getting a perfect size will you be able to crack the levels and advance to the higher stages. The further you go, the harder the challenges. Not only will you have to estimate the size correctly but you also need to bypass the other objects and obstacles when they show up randomly on your path.

Get ready for one of the hardest estimation games here at and demonstrate your talent in math and estimation! It's all about searching for the right size using experience and good eye-hand coordination. If you manage to crack many levels consecutively, you might even gain bonuses and boosters for streaks and combos! Enjoy the fun theme and fast-paced environment here with more games like Rope Dude and don't forget to share with your friends! 

Instruction to play:

Click and hold the left button to expand the box.