Sausage Flip

Another spin-off of Angry Birds with a new character has come to Gogy free game. Are you ready to take advantage of the physics rules to claim the victory in Sausage Flip? This game brings a new kind of innovated physics relaxation gameplay.

Since the main theme uses inspiration from Angry Birds, there will be some similarity between the two games. Both of these games at require the players to calculate the most precise path to conquer the challenge. The challenges change depending on the level. However, instead of calculating the flying path like in the original game, you just have to pick out the right angle to launch the sausage.

It needs to be launched from the most efficient angle so that it flips midair and reach the destination. The line with the black and white mark is your goal. Not only will you need to choose the angle wisely but you also have to take all the factors into consideration. If there is wind, adjust the angle upward or downward to suit the force of the wind. It's up to you to show your adapting skills in this flipping game.

Also, don't forget about the laws of physics while contemplating the right angle! Keep in mind that physics plays an important role in the game. We have tons of other cool games such as Color Balls 2 and Tap Skaters Online for free on the website as well! 

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the mouse to flip the sausage.