is the .io style game that you can play here on best games gogy. In this one , you control a circle and must try to dominate the play area by growing in size. This is another Agar inspired game in which you will play against other online players as you try to get your name on the leaderboard by consuming other players and items for points. Play as an cell, eat white balls, split your cell into small cells, shoot some of the mass and become the leader on the server.


The main thing about Globos-io is that you have to grow the biggest cell and you have no to die. First absorb little white dots and avoid big enemies. You may also meet special locations - cells containing 100 and 222 mass. 222 cell can absorb smaller mass cells and you can use it to store some mass. Also one one of your cells absorbed the 222 cell you receive invulnerability for some time. This can be quite useful in some occasions!


This game gives you the ability to customize your colors to give the game a more personal touch whilst playing. There are plenty of different game modes available including FFA, Big FFA, Megasplit, Instant, and Crazy. Win them all. Good luck!


You can invite your friends to play together and compete to find out who is better. Many fun games are waiting for you at Check out and

Instruction to play:


Use your mouse to move

W to eject masses

Space bar to split