Bullet Rush

The fight against deadly green viruses and the pandemic is long and requires the best players to become the front line of it. Let's participate in the journey in Bullet Rush with a main goal of reducing the number of green viruses that are roaming the place! Depending on the stage and difficulty levels, their total number and distribution change drastically, therefore, the best-adapted players will have huge advantages in this game.

Upon starting the game, the kids should start moving around to learn the layout and location of the items in this map range. As you are discovering the place, shoot at any green viruses that show up to remove them. Not only will you have to eliminate them but you should also try to reach the destination - the final plane spot. When your mission per level is completed, the plane will take you to the next islands where you need to continue the next mission. Make sure to kill the monsters thoroughly without forgetting to collect both gold pieces and diamonds!

Your star ranking for each stage will be decided base on the total number of diamonds gained as well as the wasted time, so try your best to be quick and precise when it comes to shooting. Your gun automatically releases bullets, so all you need to focus on is the movement's direction. Don't forget that the weapons in this game from http://gogy.games/ can be updated by purchasing more items to boost the capacity.

Complex missions result in more danger and threats as well as higher chances of being infected so you should prepare your special gaming techniques for the hardest levels. There will be more chances to show off your skills in other cool games like Atari Asteroids or Super Hitmasters Online

Instruction to play:

Move using the mouse cursor and H button.