Happy Glass Puzzle 2

Happy Glass Puzzles 2 has just been added to the Gogy puzzle game collection, where the players can enjoy the daily replenish of new games without a cost. This time, you will get to challenge yourself with more tough missions in this second version of the game. The main theme and rules remain unchanged and they're the same as that of the original.

However, brace yourself for plenty of new items and objects, along with harder tasks when you progress to the higher levels. It's a puzzle-themed game, which means that only by completing the designated puzzles or quizzes will you be able to move onto or unlock the next levels. Despite the change in setting and obstacles, the main goal in each level is to successfully pour the right amount of water into the glass in the limited time range.

Keep in mind that a cup that has nothing inside gets tipped over quite easily, therefore, maintaining the overall balance of the glasses to keep the content is not an easy feat. With bright graphics and lovely characters, this game at http://gogy.games/ has captured the attention of kids of all ages. If you manage to finish all of the puzzles, more cup decorations, cup skins, and unique watercolors will be unlocked to spice up this fun online puzzle game.

Moreover, the game is packed with three different modes so that both advanced players and beginners feel free to take their picks. Tons of daily-added puzzle games like Twirl and Polyshapes are available for your playtime. 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to interact and choose the cup.