Funny Puppy Dressup

Select the best options out of the walking wardrobe of Funny Puppy Dressup and transform the little puppy into the most well-dressed of the bunch here at  Gogy 2021! There will be a long list of items that you can freely choose from in the designated wardrobe here, however, if you want to get more cool items, the only way is to win all the mini-games. Your job is to clear the mini-games of all types as this is the only way to bring the new items and unlock all the objects in the wardrobe.

You can find plenty of fashionable items ranging from shoes, hats, clothes, trousers, and the trendiest hair colors possible. Keep working on building the large wardrobe for your usage! First, go with the hairstyle or the hair color of the puppy. There are a lot of popping colors if you are up for a bit of a challenging combination.

To coordinate the pieces in order to create a new vibe or a stable theme, there are two main elements that the girls need to pay attention to in this game. Don't forget that the patterns and the color palette will play the most important roles in the quest for searching for the best set of outfits.

The last touch to finish off the whole look will be to add some adorable accessories such as necklaces, earrings, a touch of rings, and makeup as well! Come to our website and take a look around the long list of gaming selections with some good options such as Crayz Monster Taxi for the best game-time ever. All of these mini-games in this game at will be different, therefore, be prepared for it!

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys:

Click and drag the left mouse button to move the items.