Sugar Heroes

A wide range of characters awaits for you in Sugar Heroes! Are you ready for this new Gogy puzzle game with classic gameplay but the new interface and better settings? The kids from different countries have set their names on the Leaderboard with their highest records. The adorable characters in this game are trying to collect different types of sweets scattered on the grid. Your help will be valuable to them and help them to complete the mission much faster.

It's one classic game with the match-3 features which are very friendly to the players. To make a line of similar items, you need to observe to choose the best options for switching back and forth. The players with the highest scores are the ones who can pick out the lines with the potential of achieving more than 4 same blocks. The more similar pieces you can gather, the better your scores will be.

The requirements per each level might vary depending on the quantities and the colors of the candies, therefore, pay attention to avoid missing out. Due to the limitation in the number of moves, don't waste them on useless moves. Only by finishing a level can you move onto the next one. Use the boosters that are given when you manage to set a line of 4 or 5 pieces to blow up some steam and open up a path for the game. Hero and rainbows are the two boosters that will be helpful for your record.

With such an elaborate storyline, better surprises, and more items to use, this game guarantees to be one good option for your gaming session at, as well as other games like Repair It

Instruction to play:

Click and choose the pieces to switch with the left mouse button.