Green Light Red Light

If you are one of the fans of the famous Squid game movie, you will be excited to hear that our Gogy SQUID game list has a new game with this theme as a spin-off! Greenlight, Redlight will be your chance to test out the survival chance of yours in case you participate in this game. The rule is the same as that of the game in the movie. All you need to do is to make sure that you can pass this first level of the ultimate survival game.

To win this game, you will need to control your character and make sure that you only move when the light turns green. If you move a single bit when it's red, your character will be eliminated and lose the chance of getting the huge prize. The ultimate motivation for the players in this game is to escape reality by trying their luck, fate, endurance to bypass the hardest challenges.

The best players will be the ones who can win all the games in this modern gaming selection with the highest scores possible. Besides this game, you will find more cool options to enrich your experience such as Impostor Hook or Dalgona Memory.

A tip for the players who haven't seen the movie is that you can dodge the bullets and steer clear of the shot by standing behind another character in this game. As long as you can stop the motions and movement on time, you will be able to stay in the game for a long time. With plenty of gaming options for free at, we want to build the best gaming site for both adults and kids.

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Move, jump and act using the mouse cursor or by tapping on the screen for mobiles and tablets.