Zumar Deluxe

To win this game of Zumar Deluxe from Gogy land, the players need to utilize their ultimate shooting force and aiming techniques to get to the best positions for shooting the marbles. There is a long string filled with the most colorful marbles which are lining up to fill the blank platform. Your mission is to aim and shoot down all the moving marbles while making sure that no marble can reach the final edge of the line.

The group of removed marbles needs to be of the same color. Different levels come with unique tasks in challenge mode. You need to assist the frog to guard the forest of marble and keep them in the right place. Shoot the marbles to a similar colored group and remove them. Any group of three or more identical marbles shall be automatically removed from the screen.

The faster you do it, the more stars you will get. Lots of temple missions and tons of hidden boosters like the freezing ice, rainbow rocks, explosives, and bombs are located here and there. Explore the map and try to find all these props to make the experience more thrilling! First, learn the rules of the game and where you can input new marbles.

Once you have grasped the basics, go head to head with more difficult levels to discover new skills through this amazing online game at https://gogy.games/. The only way to win is to break the continuous chain, but make sure to avoid shooting at the wrong color marbles. Other equally thrilling puzzle games like Stumble Boys Match are available for you to enjoy anytime you've got the time and internet connection! Play it for free and don't forget to spread the fun to others! 

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to aim and shoot the marbles.