Atari Asteroids

Such a classic shooting game like Atari Asteroids will be a perfect option for retro and fun arcade game time. For newcomers, you will experience this space-themed shooting gameplay with a rush of adrenaline during every shot. The main feature of this new game is to give the shooter a chance to prove themselves in a multidirectional shooting battle like no other!

Your job is to control your spaceship and move in the right direction and shoot at others. Both tasks need to be carried out at the same time because if you stop moving or shooting for a second, the others will spot an open window to attack you. A counter-attack can be proceeded by shooting the asteroids floating in space and shoot the other spaceships if possible. More traversing spaceships will appear as you survive for a long time as they all have to goal of becoming the master of this space!

Keep destroying all asteroids and ships and steer clear of drifting asteroid pieces to save your spaceship. You can gain up to 100 scores as you successfully hit an asteroid. Both huge and small spaceships are your threats, but smaller ones tend to shoot more precisely so watch out for them closely. Do you know how to use the Hyperspace feature? Let's start exploring this space in our game space at and gather enough scores to become the top players!

Let's start emerging in these modern and neon graphics while targeting your opponents. This game allows you to select from the left and right control panel to suit your preference. Don't forget to check out similar options with the latest updates in more cool games like Super Hitmasters Online or Apocalypse Truck, all of which are free options! 

Instruction to play:

How to control the spaceship in Atari Asteroids: Move and shoot using the keyboard.