Pixelcraft Differences

Pixelcraft Differences fits the criteria of a Gogy puzzle game perfectly thanks to fun gameplay, great graphic designs, and a pace that is slow enough. Not only will you get to enjoy your favorite genre of puzzle games but you will also get your hands on the largest collection of pixelated pictures. These images are full of differences and they are shown in sets. Can you spot the hidden differences in the details of these ten sets of images before the time runs out?

It's a full search to search all nook and cranny for the smallest differences between the Minecraft characters. Since the details of the pictures are meticulously created, it's not an easy feat to locate the differences but you will master the art of it in no time thanks to the guidance of the game.

However, this game is on a higher level than other ordinary spot-the-differences types of games because, in this game at http://gogy.games/, you don't have many options for hints. This means that the players are on their own once the game starts. Any pair of different points that you found will be automatically marked with a red circle to make them stand out in the frame and make it easier for you to avoid duplicating them. If you keep on clicking on the wrong spots or click randomly on the board, you will get a warning and your scores will be deducted. Refrain from making too many mistakes in this game and focus on observing instead.

Are you ready for the indistinguishable and bearly recognizable small spots? Let's test your eyesight and attention to detail with more puzzle games such as Fit Balls or Element Evolution later! 

Instruction to play:

Click and move the mouse cursor to interact and to choose the spots.