As the first human from the Earth to set foot on this new planet of Eliatopia, strive to tackle down every inch of this new land that is inhabited by aliens to claim the highest scores possible! This is not only a Gogy game to share with your friends and family but it's also a decent choice to play online and make new friends while exploring the planet together. It's the chance for kids of all ages to fight monsters, bypass the obstacles, and defeat even other players in a new genre.

The highlight of this one shall be the PVP-enabled areas which were crafted carefully to make your gaming experience better. The main goal is to progress your character using the additional collection of weapons and upgrade the skills with the successfully defeated army. Control all sets of armor, skills, techniques, and ability points to know the extent of your damage range.

There are a large number of massive multiplayer allowed to join the same platform at the same time, therefore, keep your focused and tackle all the opponents from all over the world. The list of equipment consists of more than 100 options for you to make your choice.

Make sure to grab the suitable customizations and the one that you chose to make your character outstanding and unique. Feel free to dive into the free world of gaming from https://gogy.games/ to pick more similar-styled options such as Noob vs Pro Squid Challenge or Towerland! All of these free games are available at the tips of your finger, so feel free to spread the fun vibe to friends and family as you wish. 

Instruction to play:

Use WASD or the arrow keys to move,

C to attack,

E to pick up items, and mouse to aim.