Cool Archer

Cool Archer shall be the next specialized game in hitting the targets and aiming for the lovely fans of shooting games here at Gogy fun games! The gameplay is diverse with multiple levels as well as a variety of ranges for shooting. The distance between you and the targets that you need to hit will increase throughout the levels, which requires you to constantly upgrade the set of bows and arrows to keep up with the difficulty of the game.

All stages share the same goal of hitting a target board in a faraway position. The players need to utilize their techniques and aim for them. Start aiming as soon as you join the match because every second counts. The key element to winning this shooting game is your archery skills along with the ability to adapt to the 3D archery setting.

Use the clock and guidelines for adjusting the direction of the shots before releasing the bows. In order to land a bullseye, you will need more than just simple aiming. Your overall skill set will be tested with increasing levels of challenges as well as moving targets in the later stages. The higher the level you are, the more obstacles and hindrances there will be.

Beware of moving targets, flying birds, or strong winds that might affect the movement of the arrows. Make sure that you estimate the right timing and position to release the arrows towards the direction of the targets. Let's see if you can bypass the strangest challenge for the archers here at! Enjoy this chill and cool gaming platform with the unlimited number of levels for exploration in other games like Soccer Free Kick

Instruction to play:

Hold and drag the mouse cursor to shoot the arrows. Play using the touchpad on mobiles.