Dracula Jump

It's your ultimate job to gather the scattered golden eggs that belong to Dracula in Dracula Jump to make the Halloween season fun and more interesting! If you are refrained from going to other houses this Halloween due to the quarantine, it's best to take some time and enjoy this free game at home. Such a simple yet fun and addictive game will be able to bring the spirit to your home. Bring back the eggs that are left on the blocks and go up higher.

The key element to winning this game is simply to gather the most scores. Let us guide you through the steps of score calculation in this game of Gogy land. If you manage to reach the higher blocks, additional scores will be given to you. Gathering the golden eggs also brings you some records. But you need to keep in mind that switching from the left to the right and vice versa will not be easy as Dracula will increase his speed slowly. It's best to target the blocks with eggs instead of trying to get higher.

Some players choose to move slowly from one platform to another in order to gather all the eggs, while some try to reach for the steps with eggs only. Choose the tactics and strategy suitable for your preference, but make sure that no egg got broken during the process.

Furthermore, Dracula can't bounce back up once he's fallen to the ground, so be careful while choosing which blocks to stepping on. Dive into the collection of games for Halloween from http://gogy.games/ such as Tennis Champions 2020 without any cost! 

Instruction to play:

Jump up the blocks using the left and right arrows or move the mouse to that side to tap on.