Easter Egg Bird

Have you ever tried the classic game Flappy Bird? Now the new version called Egg Bird from gogy online games will bring more challenges and better graphics to your playtime! The main rules and gameplay remain the same, however, the differences in characters and items will create more twists. You will control a bird jumping up and down on the sky. If you stop clicking, it will fall down and stop flying.

This means that you have to click constantly at the right timing to make it fly up.  Another task for you is to help him overcome all the obstacles in the sky. Overcome the poles by slipping through all the tiny gaps, then start flap your wings to gather the easter eggs.

Your score is calculated based on the number of eggs that you manage to collect, therefore, do your best to write the name on the top of the chart at gogy games ! Meanwhile, collect easter eggs as much as you can. Try to get the highest score in Easter Egg Bird using your flexibility and controlling skills while being hit by the harsh winds! The tasks are not easy to complete at all.

Let's see how far can your bird go before hitting the poles. It's a free game, so feel free to play it again and again! New games like Love Pig and Kids Memory are updated daily for your pleasure and fun time!

Instruction to play:

Click the left mouse to make the bird fly.