Food Junction

Food Junction brings the amazing junction of the food-producing chain to the players at the Gogy matching game list! Not only will your eyes get to enjoy this feat filled with so many different items but it's also a good game for training your coordinating and arranging techniques. Keep moving the pieces until they reach the right location on the board. The goal is to remove all the icons on the board with similar groups.

This means that you need to observe, move the food icons, make a row or column of three similar objects to clear them off the board. This game also allows a match of more, therefore, arrange to collect more if possible. Any line matching horizontally or vertically will be the perfect set for you to collect. First, find the groups of similar-themed items and see where they are on the board.

Once you know where their placements are, start moving the pieces one by one to get to the closest grid. A fundamental rule in this game from is that you need to make sure that there is no blockage or other items on the path that you choose to move. If there is any, the item can not move as you desire, which might be troublesome for the set that you are trying to match.

There will be a clock for keeping track of the time bonus and a calculator to calculate the number of moves. The less time you take, the higher your bonus will be. Learn how to manage the moves and you will get even better rewards in the next levels of this online game! Don't forget that there are a lot of other equally interesting choices of a variety of genres for you such as Balls Lines Colors or Ball Merge 2048

Instruction to play:

Click on the food items to move.