Symmetry Challenge

Symmetry Challenge might look like an easy game in comparison to other puzzle games from Gogy 2020, but you will need precise hand and eye combinations and movements to win this game. There are more than 30 levels with different layouts and blocks that will challenge even the most talented puzzlers. Let's join this puzzle game with your friends and see who can turn the tiles faster!

The rule is quite simple for even the newbies. All you have to do is to turn over the tiles in order to create a mirror image of the given side. It can either be the right or the left side, so your job is to finish with the remaining one. Look at the given black blocks closely and put your pieces to the right block on the opposite board. It will be quite easy at first as the game starts with quite an easy challenge.

Once you have gotten used to the basics, it's time to quickly show your talent at creating asymmetric full image regardless of layouts and shapes. The differences in those elements will be the highlight of this game from as it allows players to enjoy the challenges in their way. Don't forget to keep in check the timer when trying to complete the stages. Time will be another pressure that makes the game much more thrilling for players of all ages.

A tip for you is to follow the floatng dots that will let you see the blocks that need filling faster. However, on higher levels, your observation will be the most valuable asset. It's time to conquer more puzzles games with the best themes like Mr. Bouncemasters 2

Instruction to play:

Click the left mouse or tap on the mobile/ tablet screen to choose and fill the tiles.