Kings of Snakes

The best player will be able to move just like a snake and conquer the task in Kings Of Snakes, a tradition arcade game from Gogy kid games! This is one of the games that requires your utmost attention because if you make one wrong move, the game will be over. Control the movement of the snake and guide it through a tough journey filled with spikes, bombs, holes and many other obstacles.

To keep up with the game, you must change the direction to avoid crashing any part of the snake into the obstacles. Use your judgment ability to adjust on this 2D platform and have a blast at pbs 2 player games! The game consists of a two-player mode which allows you and your friend to play side by side.

Let's find out which snake can reach the furthest checkpoint with the best scores possible! The hardest part is to overcome many obstacles scattered around the map, yet it's the highlight point in the gameplay. The moment you learn the technique to deal with such obstacles, this game will be fun and addictive to you! You can even change the snakeskin or color to customize your special snake.

At the same time, don't forget to collect gold apples to gather more scores. If you like this type of arcade game, we have plenty of other options such as Bounce Ball 3 and on the website for free.

Instruction to play:

Controls: Use the mouse or A key to move the snake.