Hazel And Mom's Recipes

Hazel And Mom's Recipes will be a simple Gogy girl game with the main theme of cooking. Don't be worry if you haven't known any of these recipes. Hazel is the same as you are, but you can help her by following Mom's guidance and recipes in order to make all these delicious dishes without any failure. Mom has her special cookbook, which contains many recipes that have yet to be used.

Baby Hazel and her mom will cook together and your job is to assist them through the steps. The cooking session will start immediately, so join the fun! You will have Mom's help as she will be instructing all the steps along the way while you are cooking. From choosing the ingredients, mixing them to cooking, baking, and decorating, you will be in charge of all. Choose the required ingredients for a dish from the store at http://gogy.games/ and start placing them in the kitchen first. Follow the little step until you have prepared or dealt with them all.

Don't forget that decoration will be the cherry on top to make it more appetizing-looking and eye-catching. The presentation will play an important role in a dish, so be careful until the very last step. Creating a dish from scratch is not easy, especially if there are so many of them in this cookbook. You can take the time to learn one by one and practice, or go all-in with all recipes in one go. Choose what you love to eat and tackle it first to create excitement and enjoy the new game from the first time trying it!

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Instruction to play:

Click to interact and cook with Hazel.