Candy Shop Sweets Maker

Candy Shop Sweets Maker from Gogy land is for the fast players who can work to fix this huge factory with a complicated pipeline. With 3 games modes and tons of stages, it's time to dive into this delicious journey and enjoy the blasting time. Your job is to rearrange the pipelines in this sweet factory. Some of them are broken in some angles, therefore, you have to spin and merge them in a way that doesn't affect the overall mechanism of the factory.

Once the pipelines are all fixed and assemble, the sweets will start moving in the chain and get produced. Choose from three diverse game modes ranging from the level mode, the infinity mode, and the time mode that are available for any boy and girl joining this free game.

Each of them has its requirement for victory and they vary depending on what you pick. In the level mode, finish the scores of the previous level to continue onto the next one. Yet in the infinity mode, you have to keep merging until when you can't anymore, that's when your record is calculated.

For the time mode, you will race against the time to fix the pipes without wasting any seconds. Keep exploring more games such as Two Tubes 3D and Mummy Candy Treasure from to indulge in your free time by yourself or with your friends! 

Instruction to play:

Click and use the mouse to control the pipes.