Samurai Flash

Don't underestimate the cute samurai in Samurai Flash as he is going to follow his dream of becoming the master samurai in this village of Gogy land! Your job is to become his sensei and guide him through the tough path of removing the hindrance that stops him from achieving his dream. The task for him is to keep moving forward on this free platform and eliminate all enemies along the way. However, you need to reach the finish line without being hit by others or by any obstacles, traps set up on the road.

Of course, be selective in which enemies to fight against as you will not have the energy or ability to finish them all. To upgrade the capacity of your character, you should focus on updating the weapons and skills while you are dashing through the platforms. As this is a parkour combat game with impressive graphics, you will not get bored while controlling this powerful and flexible samurai slash robot!

Keep an eye out for other threats that pop up from time to time to surprise you. Don't forget that the final boss will be incredibly tough to win over, so you should learn useful tips soon. The bosses are different from normal soldiers as they have the ability to fire projectiles, missiles, and bombs at you to prevent you from approaching him. If you manage to learn the tips and notice their weaknesses, you will be able to safely make it to the final destination. How would a newbie run and defeat the other samurai?

Let's show the world how fast you can teach your little samurai to master the required techniques for winning this game at! Keep your streaks of gaming with more choices such as Splishy Fish from our free collection! 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to run and hit the targets.