Zball 4 Halloween

Zball 4 Halloween from Gogy for kids 2021 is the new choice for kids who would enjoy a bit of newly added interactive game that is fast-paced, fun to enjoy, and good for improving your skills. The technique to control the movement of the witch will be fast and crucial to keep the witch on the platform. You will make sure that the witch can float on the stable blocks and not fall down the hole.

It's required to complete as many turns as possible so that your witch can reach the furthest checkpoints possible. One of the main concerns is to not let the witch fall. The other is to complete the levels as well as collecting all of the Halloween-themed items scattered on the path. It's not easy to collect them as they are usually placed at the edge of the board, which increases the chance of falling.

Don't leave your witch unattended or else she will fall immediately due to the number of turns that you will come across on the journey. Items get you more scores so that you can purchase your favorite Halloween candy! The highest current point is 1000 points, will you be able to crack it? In this online game from https://gogy.games/, the best way to gather more scores and currencies for upgrading and purchasing in this game is by collecting the symbols that you found on the way.

Keep in mind that you are not allowed to fall from the floating blocks or else the game will be over. No limitation on the time for you is available in this game as it's an endless gaming theme. Work on the game for as long as you can and become the top players on the Leaderboard! Impress with more games like Find Different Pic Halloween later!

Instruction to play:

Controls: Tap or click on the screen to steer to the right or the left.