Julia's Food Truck

The quest to learn the essence of businesses and learn how to make and sell ​​various burgers from Julias Food Truck - a new Gogy kid game will be a delightful journey. It's the perfect choice for kids who love online games with the theme of cooking and managing the restaurant. With this pop-up food stall, you will be in charge of making sure that this store opens up with the best dishes and hot burgers for each customer.

Your job is to work in this kitchen and cook the burgers using the given ingredients. Don't randomly throw the ingredients together! Learn how to memorize the customer's request for each burger and start picking out the suitable pieces to make it. Another crucial point of the game is to push the dishes out of the store on time. Any burgers that are not punctual or keep the customers waiting for too long will not be recorded.

Make sure that none of your precious customers get mad as they are all very hungry. The last task of the dining time shall be to collect the coins left behind by these hungry diners. Once the table is cleared, you are free to welcome more customers for your business to thrive!

Time is of the essence, especially when you get to the part where there are so many ingredients that you need to find. The number of increasing ingredients keeps this game from https://gogy.games/ more and more challenging. Feel free to tackle more difficult tasks in the kitchen by attending other challenges or games such as New Year Party Challenge to unlock the hardest recipes! Will you be able to cook fast and create delicious dishes under the pressure of time as well? 

Instruction to play:

Click and use the left mouse button to control the character.