Bubble Queen Cat

Get your hands on this fascinating and addictive balloon-shooting game called Bubble Queen Cat! Not only is this an exciting bubble shooter game with a diverse level scheme from Gogy puzzle 2023 but it's also your chance to demonstrate your talent in matching the group! The rules and key points to win this game are quite easy to catch up with, even for newbies. You will need to spot and match three similar colored bursts in order to remove them from the board. When they are removed, you will find them releasing the most colorful bubbles!

Plenty of maps and new islands that are filled with new items to unlock will keep appearing when you progress in the game. The highlight will focus on using your bubble cannon to break not only the bubbles but also other objects like the vases, the box, timer, etc. Get from one round to the next while completing this fun and colorful arcade game from https://gogy.games/! Hundreds of handcrafted levels have specific layouts and are different in terms of board structure, so explore them all to win the highest scores on the Leaderboard. Are you ready to hop into this addictive ball-shooting game where colorful bubbles await?

Let's learn how to deliver the stunt effects and take advantage of the boosters to either clear more bubbles or add more times and moves. Any group with three bubbles should be sufficient for removing, but four or more gives you the upperhand with bonus points. If you can quickly rescue the cats, you will be able to increase your result a lot, so pay attention! Show us your talent in aiming and precise hitting, before trying out more ball shooting games like City Builder or Easter Hidden Eggs later! 

Instruction to play:

Aim and shoot using the mouse or touchpad.