Zen Cube 3D

Mixing the rotation of the cubes here at Zen Cube 3D will be quite a challenge that requires a good arranging skills and a good eye for randomly placed cubes. This Gogy kid game focuses on the sole purpose of moving the small blocks, each arranged in a different position so that they can connect. Once all three similar mini-blocks gathered, you can destroy a larger block using this resource.

Thanks to the inventive gameplay and intuitive style, it quickly becomes one of the most popular gaming options that kids of all ages spend hours on! Let's start getting hooked on the fun challenge and learn how you can maneuver the direction of the cubes to place them into the frame. Rotate the 3D cubes as given in all types of direction that you can come up. You can change the point of view from in-game settings to see the whole cube from a higher point of view.

More and more challenging levels have been added to the level lists on a daily basis, therefore, we recommend that you should grasp the basics of the game as soon as possible! Stay on the top of the chart by using props, hints, and boosters at the right time! Feel free to demonstrate your unique style of playing to move smaller blocks to the bottom lines.

This will allow you to clear out the bottom positioned lines before the other starts stacking up. Would you like to observe more games with similar themes such as Angry Farm Crossy Road for reference later? With more and more game worlds appearing here and there at https://gogy.games/, we would love to share the best games for you to have a blast during your game time online!


Instruction to play:

Choose and collect the blocks using the left mouse cursor.