Tank vs Tiles

Only the commanders with the sharpest skill sets can manage to keep his or her tank as one piece in this fast-paced game called Tank vs Tiles! It's a brand new option from the long list of daily game from Gogy online, where your imagination comes true with these realistic games. More than just good art animation, this game has a simple 2D arcade game features, such as simple graphics, pixelated theme and blocky characters.

However, it's the addictive gameplay that plays a huge role in making this game interesting. You will have to distinguish between the blue and the pink tiles and shoot at the correct color. When you see a blue tile coming toward your tank, shoot at the right half of the screen.

Aim for the left part of the screen when you notice a pink piece approaching. If you fail to shoot in time, your tank will be crushed by the weight of the tiles being stocked up one by one. Also, keep in mind that for each piece, pay attention to the number written on it. The larger the number, the more times you have to shoot. Just use your reflex to choose the right side to shoot and you will be able to gain high scores!

Will you be the best players with the record-breaking final scores at http://gogy.games/? After challenging yourself with more games like Toon Infinite Runner and Tank Fury, let's gather your friends and create a competition! 

Instruction to play:

Click using the mouse.