Squid 2 Glass Bridge

Be brave and test your calmness as well as the ability to maneuver through difficult terrain here at Squid 2 Glass Bridge - the latest Gogy 2023 game for the fans of the Squid Game movie! You will be the one to decide which steps to take while moving on this bridge that is made of glass. Among these piles of glasses that are tender and sharp, can you locate the ones that will be able to hold your weight while you cross them?

The objective of this game is to stay alive by getting the green path shown and stepping on the correct blocks. Time is also another problem that you need to care for. There will be a clock on the side panel to show how much time you have left before the glass breaks. If you fail to reach the other side of the bridge within your level's allotted time, the game is over. This means that your character shall fall to the ground immediately!

Memorize the location and positionings of the tiles quickly before each level to clear them all. How can you do it without breaking a single tile of glass? Combine your reflexes, swift moves, bravery, and steady hands to start crossing the glass panes that have green marks on them. Keep in mind that your character is the player with the number 456 on his shirt.

Control his next step and make sure that he only lands his foot on the green-flashed tiles so that you can guarantee a pass for the challenges. Observe and utilize your memory to the furthest extent here at https://gogy.games/! Other games with equally thrilling gameplay and hard-to-crack puzzles such as Rainbow Rocket Ninja will be available at the tips of your finger as well! 

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to choose the next tile to step on.