Pet Idle

The virtual animals in this game of Pet Idle in this Gogy 2022 fun game are waiting for you to join the fun with a new idle game that is adorable, fun, and easy to play! The scope of work shall include the tasks of meeting the requirements for the pets, ranging from different mini-missions such as feeding them, giving them water, getting them to sleep on time, bathing, walking, and more.

The variety of tasks that need someone to take care of will challenge your ability to deal with different tasks and requirements. First, learn how to interact with the animals in the game by choosing one to adopt. Once you have become familiar with creating a place for one pet, you will get the necessary skills and techniques to become a caregiver. In this pet needs system, each task has a different timeframe to conquer.

There is a total of 19 pet types of different breeds that are waiting for the players to adopt. Keep in mind that each pet has a unique personality with separated needs, so pay attention to customizing the care program to each one suitably. The more pets you care for, the bigger the space you will need. Use the gained scores to expand the house and prepare more features to keep the animal's company such as the bowls, beds, tubs, and toys for entertainment.

This game will be a freestyled game that allows all types of activities that you can think of. Take care of your pets from the first step to the last and make sure that you guarantee the best service for our lovely animal friends! Participate in more games for kids of all ages such as Tile Master Puzzle or Ball Race, all available at the tips of your fingers in gogy games!

Instruction to play:

Use the left button and right button to interact and navigate the camera, move with arrow keys.