Pen Run Online

From the new collection of Gogy simulation games, you can look forward to a fun and unique type of arcade game called Pen Run Online. In this game, it's all about helping your pen to run and dash from the left to the right on a short-ranged race track. Not only is the goal to reach the final checkpoint but it's also to collect the pens that are lying around and make sure that the whole team manages to get to the finish line. At the end of each stage, all the gathered pens will be put into one satchel that is made to store colored pens.

The more you can collect during your journey, the more pens there will be to fill up the satchel. Such a simple arcade game has a very easy-to-understand rule and colorful graphics that will attract kids to take a shot with this game for free. Keep in mind that you need to avoid and steer clear of obstacles as well as the edge of the table. It'll be such a shame if so many pens were collected yet can't make it to the final line.

Also, prepare yourself for a battle against the new obstacles such as books, pencil cases, erasers, pen holders, and more to come with higher difficulty rank. You can choose to finish a level safely by avoiding all the obstacles. Or you can go bold and try to collect as many pens as possible to use as insurance in case you crash into some obstacles on the way. By making sure that at least 1 pen succeeds in reaching the final checkpoint, you can win even if many pens got left behind.

Be skillful and flexible in the way you move because this game emphasizes enhancing the players' best movements in arcade-style games. Enjoy more free games with daily objects and characters such as Rock Paper Scissors at

Instruction to play:

Move using the mouse.