Steve Adventurecraft Aqua

Steve Adventurecraft Aqua is the new adventure that Steve is embarking on in this new Gogy for school! Not only will it be different from the original games in terms of gameplay but the players will get to join an aqua-themed adventure! The world underwater needs his help to bring back the peaceful atmosphere. In order to do so, prepare to tackle the most unexpected monsters, obstacles that will pop up along the path.

For each level, there is a time limit of 60 seconds in which you need to search for the fastest route to make it out alive. Don't get Steve killed too many times as he has a few lives per turn only. Hot lava and dangerous monsters will prevent you from moving forward and coming into contact with them will make your character return to the beginning of the game immediately, therefore, do your best to avoid that at all costs.

Don't move recklessly due to the pressure of time because it will make you fail your level more. Be considerate before making any step and choose the strategy well in order to make the most of your time and movements. This game will test your flexibility and reaction with newly-added creatures in such a thrilling game from

How many scores can you gain by the end of this long journey? Keep up the good work for a long time and let's see if you can write your name on the few top spots of the ranking board or not! We invite kids of all ages to have a blast with more free gaming options that are updated daily such as Sports Bike Racing or Bridge.

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Use WASD keys or arrow keys to move Steve and shoot using F key.