Little Miss Inventor Biology

Little Miss Inventor Biology is an educational game with the most adorable patients and doctors. Little Miss runs a clinic at Gogy land and she needs your help as her nurse to care for a large number of patients. Work with her to help the residents of the town and you will learn the necessary knowledge.


Can you see a long line of patients? There are many girls waiting for you to do their check-ups, such as Little Miss Late, Little Miss Giggles, even Mr. Sneeze as well. Pick one patient and start doing some necessary checks to help the patient complete the surgery. The good assistant will learn how to use medical tools in order to help the doctor treat the patient perfectly. First, run an X-ray test, then, put all the pieces of the respiratory system to their correct places. Check up to find out what's wrong with the nasal cavity in order to come up with the right treatment.


Next, take the patient's temperature, heartbeat and blood pressure as these are crucial to deciding the condition before surgery. Can you show your amazing nursing skills by executing the tasks perfectly? Pumping up the blood pressure machine might be a little difficult, but you will master it in no time! Each patient has his or her own problem, so make sure that you can do your best to cure them at Learn more knowledge with other fun games like Table Tennis Ultimate Tournament and Flappy Cat as well!

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to interact with the patients.