is the awesome multiplayer tank game which is playable gogy 5 online. The tank you will control is no ordinary tank, it is equipped with enormous speakers that emits the ultimate amount of bass that will shoot your tank into the air. Your goal in BassDrop io is to score the maximum frags! You've got 3 attempts to do this. Use your super mega infra sound cannon to knock enemies out of the game. And of course make sure you're solid as rock!


There're 2 types of roads in BassDrop io, some blink, others don't. You can find golden coins on the blinking ones. Coins are for XP and also for fun you;ll have while trying to collect them.


Use this special ability during warfare to get the upper hand and avoid sticky situations.The map is full of eternal darkness that will cause you to be lost forever if you fall into it voids. The winner is the last tank standing and the map will decrease in size with more voids becoming apparent the longer that the game goes on. Good luck!


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Instruction to play:


Left click to shoot

Right click to jump