Taxi Pickup

Get your driving and wheeling technique checked out in this Gogy new game: Taxi Pickup with the funniest daily routine of a taxi driver. Will you be able to control this car and rotate shifts of picking up passengers? Like any other driver in town, you will carry out the job of picking up your passengers from the designated pickup points, driving them to the safe destination, and clearing out each stage.

The car automatically moves forward, however, it's up to you to control the direction and movement of it. The mechanism of the game makes the car automotive ahead, but it stops at the pickup destinations. Time the crossroad traffic wisely to get the best moment to pass it safely. The number of cars joining the route shall increase when you progress to the harder levels with more complicated challenges. Make sure to estimate the movement of all cars on the way and avoid them all.

Should you collide with any car, you will need to replay the level. The number of required passengers varies and changes depending on the stage's difficulty levels. Keep in mind that the most important task in this game is about crossing the intersection at the most perfect time. Unlock the most cars from the store collection and earn plenty of money as a reward! Avoid the most traffic accidents while choosing the most suitable point to speed up and claim the top spot on the Leaderboard.

The game controls are quite easy to understand and grasp, but it takes a while to master. Don't miss out on some other equally fun games with diverse styles of graphics such as Police Car Armored from! The control set is easy enough for newbies and little kids to understand. 

Instruction to play:

Hold the mouse or touchpad to speed up and slow down.