Flip Ninja

In the new arcade game from Gogy kid games called Flip Ninja, we bring the latest platform for exploring and completing the scattered items around the places. Not only is it an elaborated arcade game with the coordination of puzzles but it also has the elements of action and adventure. Through many different terrains, you will develop the necessary skills of a ninja and learn how to collect all the goods.

The game has a detailed tutorial that you will see first when you join the game. This allows both advanced players and beginners to enjoy the game equally. Two most important elements that need to be shown here is the bridle-wise movement and professional approaching method as a ninja. The character also has the most flexible skills to cross the platform quickly, so all you need to do is to avoid the obstacles and enemies.

Also, pay extra attention to the opponents who roam the places or hide behind the corners. Moreover, if you manage to choose rational paths, the number of obstacles will be much smaller. Sometimes, avoiding problems is the best way to go!

At http://gogy.games/ your basic ninja skills will be tested! If you can coordinate many moves and create a new one, it will increase your chance of dominating the game. Other games from the same gaming category such as Stickman Ninja Dash and Nano Ninja also have new features for you to explore! 

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys to move, mouse to interact.