Santa Or Thief

At Christmas, the nice children got the holiday gifts from Santa from the land of Gogy free games. However, there is a thief who wants to steal all these gifts. This thief has a plan to dress up as Santa in order to sneak into the room to collect as many presents as possible. Do you want to play the role of the Thief to gather the gifts for your self?

This unique gameplay will bring about all the best moments for the kids during this holiday season. Since it's different from the normal Christmas games, you can watch the story first to understand the plot. Next, there will be a step-by-step tutorial on each move. You need to come down from the chimney to penetrate into the house without letting anyone know. Then, jump up and down the level to collect all the floating gifts on air.

There will be different gifts on each level so you should try to collect all to explore the inside! Next, break down the floor to continue with the lower places at Remember that only after you have finished collecting all the gifts on one floor can you move to the other. The graphics are cute, adorable and fun to emphasize the spirit of the best holiday of the year. Can you finish all the challenges and bring home tons of gifts? The game is for free, just like some other games such as Geometry Jump and Christmas Vehicles Jigsaw.

Instruction to play:

Swipe up and down using the mouse cursor to move.