Side Defense

This Gogy defense game: Side Defense will be a perfect combination of both arcade features and interactive features, combining to make one dynamic and fast-paced gameplay like no one you have tried before! Control the panels on both sides of the screen to achieve the final goal of the game. You need to either protect the base or defending the platform from the balls.

Thanks to the lovely neon theme and bright animation, this brand-new defense game will bring you moments of entertainment to you for sure. Learn how you can utilize the shooting mechanism of the panels to shoot at the floating balls. Keep in mind that since the balls have different colors, only the ones that fit the color of the one-side panel can be captured by that one. For example, you can only eliminate the red balls using the red panel.

Should you mistake the color and choose the wrong panel to shoot, the game will be over immediately. It's endless gameplay without the separation of levels so the kids don't have to worry about recorded progress. Just hop on the website of anytime that you have an internet connection or free time! We welcome the new members to join the game and try to bring the new high scores to crack the top of the Leaderboard.

Once any ball touches the lower platform or base, your turn will be over. This means that you need to keep track of the new floating balls to clear them off the board before they reach the end. More games like Box Size will also bring challenging and fast-paced arcade games to spice up your boring time! Let's see if you can beat your friend's record on the ranking board within the recorded time!


Instruction to play:

Click on the colored panels to shoot.