Physics Box

Are you looking for a new puzzle game with strange yet addictive gameplay for exploration today? Hop on the latest gaming selection of Physics Box for kids from Gogy puzzle games and try out one of the puzzles immediately! Dive into the world filled with the colorful platform in which the main object will be to reach the flag in a short time frame. First, learn how to control the bouncy box which moves in accordance with the physic law.

Your job will be to complete all these levels without failing any mission. To reach the final destination which has a red flag, you need to use the momentum and physic laws to push the square up to the higher platform. The goals of all levels remain unchanged, but the layout, the difficulty, and the number of obstacles are different. We need players who are good at intuitive interactive games with the best adaptive skills!

Don't miss out on any dangerous obstacles and dodge them at all costs. In order to hop to a higher platform or to reach the furthest distance, you need to take all elements into consideration. Keep your eyes on the prize and use every technique possible to overcome the hindrances!

The help of walls and corners will be helpful when you need a booster or a place to tap on. Explore the variation of block arrangements as well as the platform diversity per level and unlock the whole collection here at! Do you know that our free gaming list is filled with the best gaming options such as Cooking Tile on a daily basis? Come to share the fun time and spread the positive spirit to others! 

Instruction to play:

Click the left button to make the box bounce.

Play using the touchpad on mobiles and tablets.