Splishy Fish

Splishy Fish is one of the latest additional game of reaction in the collection of Gogy 2021. This game will guarantee the best experience for kids because it has a colorful design, pretty fishes, and beautiful coral reefs in the setting. Let's start assisting the little clownfish in the journey to swim swiftly through the hidden obstacles underwater. It might seem a bit difficult to control the fish at first due to the strange control set.

Once you get used to it, the movement will be natural and easy itself. This is an endless game, therefore, your goal is not to pass any destination but to go as far as possible. This means that the players with the most patience will have an advantage in this game. There are tons of obstacles like platforms, blocks, bricks as well as coral reefs on the path.

There will also be only one small gap that the fish can swim through. It's up to you to use your flexibility and balance to control the movement through these pitfalls while making sure that the fish doesn't touch anything. Even the slightest contact will make the game over in a second, therefore, steer clear of all obstacles for the sakes of your little fish! It's crucial to maintain balance for the fish as it will be bouncing on the screen.

Enjoy the lovely music and background effect while swimming in this calm water at http://gogy.games/! The adventure taking place underwater will become much more interesting if you gather some more friends as well! Feel free to explore more relaxing and cool games for kids of all ages regardless of genders such as Fall Boys: Stupid Fighters.

Instruction to play:

Control the fish and make it swim by clicking on the screen or tapping.