Funrace .io from Gogy racing games is the exclusive gaming version for the daredevil who can grasp the hands on the wheel tightly. The racing tracks will only get harder and more difficult to overcome, therefore, we need someone with great driving skills and the ability to keep upgrading the engines. Choosing the tracks that you want to explore first, then start on the journey of racing here. As the engines start roaring, it's time to put your hands on the ignition keys and become one of the best in this race.

Your goal shall be unchanged and it's to reach the finish line before anyone else. Claiming the first position in many races will bring you tons of coins that can be used for purchasing required tools, equipment, component, and parts from the store in Stay focus and patient with your nerve of steel to be able to withstand the crazily fast speeds of this game!

To take out the other players, take advantage of the sharp turns, steep hills, and other obstacles on your way. If you see some boosters showing up here and there, it's best to grasp them immediately because they tend to appear for a short timeframe only. Boosters and additional items will help you increase your horsepower and change the speed to even a faster one.

Don't get anywhere near the oil spills if you don't want your car to slip off track. Will your car reach the finish line first under such harsh conditions? Let's start this exciting race and compete with your friends in more racing games like Pillow later! 

Instruction to play:

Speed up, brake, turn left, or right with WASD keys or arrow keys.

For mobile users, you can control using the virtual wheel and brakes on the mobile screen.