John, The Pirate

John, The Pirate will be a new game for kids who love to tackle a new adventure with the best new updates from gogy games online. Be the sole pirate who can be brave, fearless, and showcase his talents while overcoming all the obstacles. John is the main character who is a fearless pirate.

You will help him on his venture to not only seek treasure among these wasted land but also defeat the strange creatures. These monsters and skeletons from the uncharted lands will be quite the challenges to defeat as they are from another world! You get a pistol as the sole weapon in this game so do all you think is suitable to hop from one block to another and shoot.

By shooting at the skeletons when they are nearby, you can diminish their energies and defeat them entirely. Clearing up paths will be the way for you to face new challenges and open up new treasure trunks. Don't forget that there is no need to aim as all the monsters will line up on your path. As long as you are on the blocks which are on the same height as they are, the bullets will shoot them within the range.

This game from is a side-sliding game so there will be more monsters and items for the new layout showing up when you move to the left and right of the screen. Conquer all nine levels to reach the boss and claim victory! There are a limited number of lives for each player in this adventure so be careful not to waste them. Check out more free games like Call of Ops 3 as well!

Instruction to play:

Controls: Move using arrows, W, A, S, D keys and use the spacebar, K, or Z keys to shoot.