Art Thief 3D

One throw of the dice here at Art Thief 3D will bring you lots of teammates and spawn humans from the dice value. This new game of Gogy io game is one of a kind and they are something that will keep you hooked for hours. The goal of this game is to carry pixelated pieces of huge art pieces and steal them from big-picture art. One art can be divided and stolen in pieces, as long as you manage to dispatch your team before the opponent does. Thanks to the hyper-casual game genre, it's fun to enjoy some interactive action with an intuitive interface and interesting rules to follow.

Each player will take turns rolling the dice, which shall decide how many humans that player can spawn. These humans shall move toward the art piece automatically to steal pixels. The higher scores you have from the dice, the more teammates you can dispatch. It'll be a combination of luck and management skills. So make sure to aim with your finger and throw the dice with all your luck! The next player shall do the same and two play back and forth until all pixels are gone. You can check out the progress using the statistics on the right-sided panel and choose to either bring more humans or increase your chance using a booster.

Overall, it's a fun game with plenty of art pixels to unlock and enjoy with your friends! 3D graphics even make this io game shine more among other popular games such as Super Friday Night Vs Beast Guy and Robot Evolution. Try out a bunch of new genres and diverse themes from our gaming collection of  for a thrilling time with your weekend as there's no limit on these free games.|

Instruction to play:

Click and play using your mouse.

Play with the touchpad on tablets and mobiles.