Balls Lines Colors

Balls Lines Colors tests not only your ability to manage the arcade ball as it moves around the board but it's also a game related to the quick movement for kids. It comes with a simple and minimalist design, but with addictive gameplay that will keep the players hooked for hours. There are only three options of three colors: red, blue, and green, but maneuvering the balls accordingly will not be easy.

At first, you get to choose one color when hitting the ball through the first platform. Whether it's red, blue, or green, your job is to make sure that the colored ball only moves through that colored block from now on in the game. Only by moving through the sector where the two items' colors match will you be able to push the ball to the next level. The mechanism of this game from Gogy online is the movement of swiping.

By swiping towards the direction of the desired color, you can help to navigate and direct it. Once passing through that barrier, you will find the color of the ball changes immediately. In such cases, continue to try and make sure that the balls continue to fly through the right colored blocks continuously to get a streak for bonuses. Keep the game going with your friends and compete to see whose turn gets the highest scores or combos!

More games that are also simple and suitable for kids to enjoy are updated on a daily basis here at, why don't you take a look when you have the time off? Some great suggestions to start are Hamster Maze Online or Hotel Tycoon Empire, all available for free. Instructions: Click and swipe the mouse cursor by holding the left button to push the balls. Control using touchpad on other devices.



Instruction to play:

Swipe to change direction.