Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour

A total of 40 levels in this madness of stunts game Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour will be your next goal of achievement to dominate the list of racing games here at Gogy games 4 kid online! To win all the levels, you need to be fast and accurate so as to be the first on the tracks as well as be at the top of stunt performance. Your goal will be to ace all the terrains such as the Canyon, Structure, and more.

Each one has its unique layout and the best way to overcome them is to try it out yourself and come up with the most suitable strategy. To collect the most stars, perform the stunts, and move along the platform of this dirt bike game right now! This game is a physics-based one in which you will be responsible for riding the bike of your choice and maneuvering it with the best balancing technique.

Feeling the stunts among the toughest obstacles in the Extreme racing mode! Keep in mind that if you want to purchase new bikes, you will need more skills and do somersaults, backflips, frontflips, and such. Make sure to get your hands on the Motocross, or the BMX bikes that will help you race to the front line for sure.

Will you be able to break all the records that you set yourself during the previous turns? Try our more games such as Trackmania Blitz with more episodes, mini-tasks, and tons of fun-themed gameplay for kids of all ages at our website of gogy games! The game focuses on your momentum as well, so pay attention to get the right acceleration and the right timing for top results.

Instruction to play:

Move and drive using the arrow keys, interact using the mouse cursor.