Alien Sky Invasion

Alien Sky Invasion is the fighting game which you can play on gogy games online. You don’t know how to fly a plane, do you? Don’t worry, in this game, you will experience as a skillful pilot in the conserlity with a significant aim of destroying the invading alien spacecraft and bring light back to the earth.

Before entering the arena, you are allowed to choose your favorite vehicle from six unlockable fighter jets. However, only the first one is available for the first-time player, the others need gamers to complete a certain number of levels to unlock. These jets have the different damage, armor, energy, and speed.

There are 2 modes for you to try out: invasion and campaign mode in gogy kid games. Each mode has many levels equivalent to the different mission. For example, in level 1 of invasion mode, you have to destroy 30 enemy ships to win or your mission in level 1 of campaign mode is to eliminate 2 enemy ships.

Take a look at the map on the top of the screen, it shows you your and your opponent location. Try to balance in the sky and shoot at the enemy jets whenever you see them and attempt to avoid their bullets to keep yourself safe. You can see your health status on the health bar, you lose the game as it runs out. Besides, you must also try to balance in order not to drop the plane or you will die immediately.

Try your best to unlock all the duty one by one and explore the beautiful landscapes. I believe that you can repel the alien invasion.

Your feedback and assessment are always welcomed warmly. Introduce the game to your friends and follow us on for more games like Stickman Army Team Battle and Tank Defender.

Instruction to play:

Use W or up arrow to boost speed, Right click to launch a missile, Left click to shoot, and Tab to pause.